Thursday, July 18, 2019

Fire Activity 7.17.19

Fire Activity 6:30 p.m., 7/17

Grasslands Complex Fire

Update 7/19/19: There has been minimal growth on the fire today however many areas of heat are being found on the fire. Crews are building direct fire lines directly along the edge of the fire. A Type 3 team has taken over the fire as of this morning. Grazing allotments and one ranch continue to be the values at risk. Aircraft will be available if needed today. 

Update 7/18/19: This complex fire is made up of the Register Springs, Ute, J and 13, and M and 8 fires. The complex is approximately 19 miles west of Campo, CO. There are currently two large air tankers and four single engine air tankers actively engaged in the fire. Two hotshot crews have been ordered. The Forest Service is working on removing fuels and building control lines. 

Video of the larger fires on the Grasslands complex, 7/18/19 courtesy of Colorado Department of Fire Prevention and Control (DFPC).

Video of the larger fires on the Grasslands complex, 7/18/19 courtesy of Colorado Department of Fire Prevention and Control (DFPC) Multi-Mission aircraft.

  • Time Reported: 7/17/19 at 5:30 p.m.
  •  Size: 1,689 acres
  • Location: Baca County, 
  • Jurisdiction: USFS, CO, Baca County
  • Resources: 73 firefighters to include 4 SEAT's, 1 Lead Plane, 1 Air Attack, 1 Hotshot crew, 10 engines (federal and State), Several additional engines from local departments. 
  • Containment: 0%
  • Controlled: N/A
  • Structures Threatened: A ranch and outbuildings
  • Evacuation: N\A
  • Closures: N/A
  •  Cause: Lightning
  • Fuels: Grass, brush, sage, pinyon, juniper 


Thursday, July 11, 2019

Nursery Fire

Update:  1:10 pm, 7/11

The Nursery Fire has 100% containment.  There will be no further updates.

Update: 6:00 pm, 7/11

The Nursery Fire has 80 % containment.  It has a scratch line around the fire, firefighters are leaving the fire tonight and will staff it early Friday morning.  Fire cause is being investigated.

A USFS type 6 engine is suppressing the Nursey Fire 2 miles SW of Monument, CO.  Smoke will be visible from the Monument area.

 Time Reported: 7/11/19 at 5:41 am
  • Size: 2/10 acres
  • Location: El Paso County, Pikes Peak Ranger District, south west miles of Monument, CO.
  • Jurisdiction: USFS, CO.
  • Resources: Forest Service Engine, one five-person squad
  • Containment: 100%
  • Controlled:  
  • Structures Threatened: unknown
  • Evacuation: N\A
  • Closures: 
  • Cause: Unknown, under investigation
  • Fuels: Duff and litter
This map is an approximate location

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Fire Activity from June 01- July 01, 2019

     Lighting Caused Wild Fire

This past month the firefighters for the Pike and San Isabel National Forest have been busy responding to 17 lighting caused wildfires amounting to a total of 181.6 acres .  Most of the fires have been on the #SouthPlatteRD numbering 13 but largest is on the #SanCarlosRD consuming 180 acres so far.  Information for the #ReveilleFire can be followed at

Fire Name
Ranger Dist.
Size/ acres
Perry Park
South Platte
San Carlos
South Platte
Hog John
South Platte
South Platte
Spruce Gulch
Pikes Peak
Messenger Gulch
South Park
9 J
South Platte
Turkey Rock
South Platte
South Platte
4 Mile
South Platte
Bell Rock
South Platte
Spring Gulch
South Platte
South Platte
Longwater Gulch
South Platte
South Platte
Jones Peak

17 Lightning Fires for 181.6ac

Monday, June 3, 2019

Fire Activity 6.03.2019

   Reveille Fire

Update 6/7

All further updates on the Reveille Fire will be posted on the official Facebook and Twitter pages
Twitter: @ReveilleFire

Update 6/7

A flight over the fire yesterday confirmed that the fire remains active despite recent moisture.  Today crews will begin reducing burnable vegetation along the roads and trails that have identified as locations to halt fire spread. 
Resources Committed: Type 3 Team, (8)-person Wildland Fire Module, (4) 20 person Hotshot Crews

Update 6/6

Fire was less active yesterday no growth to in acres, smoke may be visible from Gardner and parts of the Wet Mountain Valley. Fire leadership making plans and evaluating risks.

Planning Meeting

Update 6/5

Fire was active yesterday with a growth to 20 acres, smoke being visible from Gardner and parts of the Wet Mountain Valley.  Fire cause was determined to be lightning. Moisture is expected on the  fire today.  

 Update 6/4

#Reveillefire Fire management officials are carefully assessing the situation to develop a course of action for the fire.  Factors being taken into consideration are public and firefighter safety, values at risk, potential impacts to land and communities, firefighting resource availability, fuel conditions, and possible fire duration.  The safety of our firefighters is our highest priority and putting firefighters near this fire could compromise their safety.  Growth potential is expected to be limited, with 1-2 foot flame lengths this afternoon.  There are no adequate escape routes or safety zones in the area of the fire that would allow for firefighters to safely retreat from the fire if needed.  Currently, smoke impacts are limited, however, smoke may become visible from Gardner, Westcliffe, Beulah, Rye, and surrounding areas.  For more information about air quality and health impacts from fire, please visit the Colorado Department of Health and Environment at:  Prescribed fire smoke may affect your health. For more information see:

Public and firefighter safety is always the number one priority during a wildfire.

In the post dated 6/03 it was stated that the fire was surrounded by snow, this is not accurate.  The snow is a distance up-slope from the fire.

Fire Activity 6:30 pm, 6/03

      Reveille Fire

A Type 3 Helicopter did a recon flight of the fire estimating it to be 5 acres in size burning in fuels of aspen, grass and some shrubs.  Fire is surrounded by snow.  Incident Commander with USFS type 6 engine will monitor the fire behavior and will not be staff this evening. Smoke will be visible from the Gardner, CO. area.
  • Time Reported: 6/03/19 at 1:00 pm
  • Size: 20 acres
  • Location: Huerfano County, San Carlos Ranger District, 10 miles north of Gardner, CO., 7 miles west of Rye, CO. and north west of the Greenhorn Peak.
  • Jurisdiction: USFS, CO.
  • Resources: Forest Service Engine, Type 3 Helicopter
  • Containment:0%
  • Controlled:  
  • Structures Threatened: N\A
  • Evacuation: N\A
  • Closures: 
  • Cause: Lightning
  • Fuels:Aspen, grass, shrub




Monday, May 27, 2019

Fire Activity 5.27.2019

300 Fire

Update 8 pm 6/3/19: The 300 fire is now 100% contained.

Update 1:30 pm 6/2/19: Firefighters are still finding small hotspots on the fire as they continue to monitor and patrol the fire. The 300 fire is still 7 acres and 95% contained.

Update 1 pm 5/31/19: Crews continue to monitor and patrol the 300 fire. Containment has increased to 95%

Update 11:30 am 5/30/2019: The 300 fire continued to receive moisture overnight. Crews will continue monitoring and patrolling the fire. Fires containment has been increased to 75%. Fire is still 7 acres.

Update 4:30 pm. 5/29/2019: Light moisture has fallen on the fire in the form of rain and snow on and off today. Containment has increased to 50% as firefighters continue to monitor and patrol the fire lines. Some smoke in the interior of the fire will still be visible at times. Fire size is still 7 acres.

Update 10:30 am, 5/29/2019: The fire received some moisture yesterday and overnight. The fire is looking good but the smoke coming from the interior of the fire will continue to be visible as the heavier fuels such as dead logs, branches and pine needles continue to burn. Firefighters are allowing the fuels in the interior of the fire (away from the fire line) to burn off in order to make the area safer in the future. If the ground fuels are removed now, a wildfire in the area in the future will be less intensity. Firefighters will continue to monitor and patrol the fire lines today. Fire remains at 7 acres and 25% containment.

Update 5:15 pm, 5/28/2019: Crews continue to patrol the fire and work to secure fire lines. This afternoon they have been able to increase containment to 25%

Update 8:15 am, 5/28/2019: Crews report that the 300 fire is looking good this morning. Crews will continue to patrol and reinforce the fire line as well as mopping up hot spots near the fires edge. Fire status remains 10% contained and 7 acres in size. PIO will be on scene at 9:45 am for interviews and a fire line visit to discuss the cause of the fire. Ensure you are wearing appropriate footwear and bring personal protective equipment if you have it (nomex yellow shirt, nomex pants, hard hat).

Update 8:10 pm: Crews continue to mop up hot spots and strengthen the fire lines. Fire is still 7 acres and 10% contained. Crews will be on the fire overnight to monitor the fire. 

Update 6:30 pm: Crews continue to improve and strengthen the fire lines. Fire is holding at 7 acres and 10% contained. Rampart Range is now open. Please use caution in the area as firefighters and equipment are still on the roads

Update 5:45 pm: Crews have a small fire line constructed around the 300. Crews and engines will continue to reinforce that fire line to gain further containment. Crews have mapped the fire and it is currently 7 acres.

Update 5:20 pm: Operations normal, crews making good progress building fire line. 

Update 4:35 pm: Rampart Range Road will be closed in the area of the fire for a short time as firefighters work along the road.

Update 4:25 pm: Crews continuing to build fire line with firefighters being supported by engines. Fire is moderately active

  • Time Reported: 5/27/2019 2:00 pm
  • Size: 7 acres
  • Location: Rampart Range Rd, Approximately 2 miles NE of Woodland Park
  • Jurisdiction: USFS
  • Resources: Engines and hand crews from USFS 
  • Containment: 100 %
  • Controlled: 
  • Structures Threatened: No
  • Evacuation: N/A
  • Closures: None
  • Cause: Human Caused, Campfire
  • Fuels:  Grass and Ponderosa Pine

Photo Taken at 12:00 May 29th

Photo Taken at 12:00 May 29th

Photo Taken 5/27/19 at 6 PM
Crews continue to reinforce the fire line. 

Photo taken 5/27/2019 5 pm 

Photo Taken 5/27/2019 2:30 pm

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Fire Activity 4:00 pm, 2/13

C34 Fire

Update: Feb 14, 4:40 pm  Today the #CR34fire has been called  100% contained at 12:00 noon.  The final size of the fire is 3812 acres.

Update: Feb 13, 7:10 pm Fire fighters will be off the incident #CR34fire by 8:00 pm.  Firefighters will be back on the fire in the morning.  No updates on acres burned or containment.

Update: Feb 13, 5:20 pm Fire management for the #CR34fire is calling the fire 90% contained.  

Update: Feb 13, 5:10 pm #CR34fire is now estimated at 3,800 acres.  Fire is working as a unified command consisting of Baca County and U.S Forest agencies.    
  • Time Reported: 2/13/19 at 2:00 pm
  • Size: est 3,812 acres
  • Location: Baca County, Comanche Ranger District, 10 miles South of Springfield, CO. Started close to the Oklahoma state line moving north toward Walsh, CO.
  • Jurisdiction: USFS, Baca County.
  • Resources: Forest Service Engines, multiple County cooperative Engines plus overhead resources
  • Containment: 100%
  • Controlled: 
  • Structures Threatened: 6 to 7 Structures and multiple out buildings
  • Evacuation: N/A
  • Closures: 
  • Cause: Human / under investigation
  • Fuels: shrubs and grass
This map is an approximate location

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Wilkerson Fire Update

Update: Monday  6:00 pm
The #WilkersonFire is now 100% contained, one engine will be on the fire tomorrow.  Fire received light precipitation today, a few smokes still visible on the incident.

Update: Monday 10:00 am
The #WilkersonFire has about 45 firefighters on scene consisting of USFS and Park County resources.  The type 3 helicopter has been released. Resources engaged securing perimeter and mopping up hotshots.

 Fire Activity 6:30 pm, 9/29

      Wilkerson Fire
  • Time Reported: 9/29/18 at 2:37 pm
  • Size:  18 acres
  • Location: Park County, South Park Ranger District, 8 miles West of Lake George, CO.
  • Jurisdiction: USFS, CO.
  • Resources: Forest Service type 3 helicopter, Type 1 Air Tanker, 2 SEAT’s and several engines and multiple Park County cooperative resources. Up to 70 firefighters committed to the incident
  • Containment: 50%
  • Controlled: 
  • Structures Threatened:
  • Evacuation: N/A
  • Closures: 
  • Cause: Human / under investigation
  • Fuels: Ponderosa Pine, shrubs and grass
This map is an approximate location