Sunday, March 19, 2017

Fire Activity 3.19.2017

56 Fire

  •  Time Reported: 2:38 pm
  •  Location: South East of Kenosha Pass off County Road 56
  •  Resources: 7 engines from both Federal and local departments
  •  Size: 300 acres
  •  Containment: 100%
  •  Structures Threatened: No
  •  Closures: No
  •  Cause: Human
  •  Fuels: Fire is burning in grass, aspen, mixed conifer and ponderosa pine
  •  Hazards: Some areas of the fire are in moderate terrain
  • #56Fire
  • Jurisdiction: US Forest Service
  • Firefighters have used both indirect and direct tactics to slow the forward progress of the fire.  
  • Firefighters are continuing to strengthen fireline and patrol the perimeter of the fire.
  • Additional resources consisting of Americorps and a small hand crew will report to the fireline tomorrow morning to assist
  •  There are no closures in place however the public is asked to be cautious on the Lost Park Rd (CR 56), Forest Road 133 and on the Colorado Trail near Johnson Gulch  
Update, 3/20/2017 9:45 am
  • Firefighters were able to get a more accurate acreage in the daylight this morning.  Current acreage of the fire is now 300 acres. 
  • Low fire behavior this morning however we are expected to have red flag conditions this afternoon which could increase fire behavior and smoke in the area. 
  • Firefighters will continue to improve fire line today and work on cooling the hotter areas of the fire
  • The public is still asked to use caution on the Lost Park Rd (CR56), Forest Road 133 and on the Colorado Trail near Johnson Gulch
Update 3/20/2017 8 pm
  • Crews made good progress today securing the fire line and mopping up hot spots. 
  • Fire behavior is minimal at this time and fire area is looking good
  • Crews will continue securing the fire line tomorrow and mopping up hot spots
Update 3/21/2017 11 am
  • Fire area is looking good and crews are continuing to secure the fire line and mop up hot spots. 
  • We expect to have more containment on the fire later today.
Update 3/21/2017 5 pm
  • Crews made more progress today with containment.  Fire is now 75% contained.
  • Plan for tomorrow is to continue securing fire line to increase containment as well as mopping up hot spots. 
Update 3/22/2017 5 pm
  • Fire is still at 75% containment
  • There is still isolated interior heat on the fire which will make smoke visible at times
  • Fire will be staffed tomorrow with 2 hand crews and 1 engine totaling 33 people
  • Expected critical fire weather tomorrow as the cold front approaches.  Crews will continue to secure fire line and work on interior hot spots
Update 3/24/2017 6 PM

  • Fire is 100% contained
  • The fire received approx. 1" of snow from the storm
  • An engine will continue for the next several days working and patrolling the fire

Americorps crew mopping up hot spots

Turkey Track 6
  • Time Reported: 7 pm
  •  Location: Turkey Track area approximately 10 miles North of Woodland Park.
  •  Resources: Engines from Federal and local units responded to this fire
  •  Size:. 1/10 acre
  •  Containment: 100%
  •  Structures Threatened: No
  •  Closures: No
  •  Cause: Human
  •  Fuels: Fire burned grass
  •  Hazards: Snags (dead trees)
  • #TurkeyTrack6
  • Jurisdiction: US Forest Service
  • Local resources responded to this fire last night and quickly contained and controlled this fire keeping it small at 1/10 of an acre.  

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Fire Activity 3.8.2017

Saint Peters Dome Fire

  • Size: 1/10 acre
  • Location: Off Gold Camp Rd near St Peters Dome
  • Resources: 3 engines, 1 hand crew.  Resources are from US Forest Service and El Paso County Sheriffs Office
  • Containment: 100%
  • Structures Threatened: No
  • Closures: St Peters Dome trail closed
  • Cause: Unknown
  • Fuels: Timber
  • Hazards: Steep and rocky terrain
  • #StPetersDome
  • Smoke visible SW of Colorado Springs
  • Crews on scene constructing fireline
  • Firefighters coming off fire for the day
  • Americorps crew will staff the fire early Thursday morning
  • Helicopter staging, brought in to bolster initial attack capabilities
  • Update (3/9 am): Crews back on scene improving fireline and mopping up hot
  • Update(3/9 afternoon): Crews continue to mop up hot spots and call the fire 100% contained

View of Saint Peters Dome fire on the morning of 3/9/2017

Americorps crew from Lake George working a grid pattern to find hot spots with their hands

Americorps gridding for hot spots

Monday, February 20, 2017

Fire Activity 2.20.2017

Turkey Track #4

  • Size: 1.5 acres (reduced due to better mapping)
  • Location: Approximately 9 miles north of Woodland Park, Near recent Turkey Track Fires of the las few days
  • Resources: US Forest Service, Mountain Communities, North East Teller County, Green Mtn Falls
  • Structures Threatened: No
  • Closures: Area of forest road 343 is closed to shooting for firefighter safety
  • Cause: Shooting
  • Fuels: Grass and dead/downed heavy fuels
  • #TurkeyTrack4Fire
  • Fire is 100% Contained
  • Crews continue with mop-up on the Turkey Track 4 & 5 fires

Turkey Track #5

  • Size: .10
  • Location: Approximately 10 feet from Turkey Track #4
  • All other information is same as Turkey Track #4
  • Fire is 100% Contained
  • #TurkeyTrack5Fire

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Fire Activity 2.19.2017

Turkey Track Area

  • Size: 1/10 acre
  • Location:  Approximately 10 miles north of Woodland Park, near Saturdays Turkey Track Fire.
  • Resources: US Forest Service, Mountain Communities VFD, Douglas County Sheriff's office.
  • Structures Threatened: None
  • Closures: Area around fire will be closed to target shooting for firefighter safety on and off throughout the day.
  • Cause: Human
  • #TurkeyTrackAreaFire
  • Fire is out

Painted Rock Fire 

  • Size: .10 acre
  • Location: West of Manitou Lake off County Road 78, N of Woodland Park
  • Resources: US Forest Service
  • Structures Threatened: None
  • Closures: None
  • Cause: Campfire
  •  #PaintedRockFire
  • Fire is currently creeping and smoldering in grass.

  • Fire is 100% contained

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Fire Activity 2.18.2017

 Turkey Track Fire

2 pm update
  • Fire is 100% contained

  • Interior hot spots remain on the fire this morning
  • Crews will continue to mop up and improve fire lines today
  • For firefighter safety, we ask that people not use the area for target shooting until fire is 100% contained.

  • 50% Contained
  • Crews will staff fire overnight and new crews will come in tomorrow to relieve night shift operations.
  • For firefighters safety, we ask that people not use the area for target shooting until fire is 100% contained.
  • Due to better mapping, fire is now 8 acres.

Helicopter  release from fire. Some containment with wet lines and dug line where needed.  Fire will be staffed through the night and rested firefighters will be back in morning to relieve night operations.

                                                                                   Helicopter doing bucket drop


  • Initial Response 12:36 pm Sat. Feb. 18,2017
  • Jurisdiction: USFS  Pikes Peak Ranger District, 2 miles SE of Westcreek, CO. in Douglas County
  • Fuels:  grass , dead & down timber
  • Size  10-12 ac
  • Cause: under investigation
  • Resources: Muti agency - Mountain Communities, Divide Fire, Green Mt. Fire, 
  • NE Teller, US Forest Service and Douglas County Helicopter 
  • No structures threaten
  • #turkeytrackfire

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Fern Fire

update: Fern Fire
  • Pikes Peak Ranger District, FS road 348 East
  • Initial Response 8:54 Thur. Oct 27,2016
  • Assessing hot spots
  • Size  .1 ac
  • Resources still on scene
  • #fernfire
  • Contained 12:07 PM
  • Cause: not determined

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Fire Activity 10.23.2016 West Creek Fire


·         Pikes Peak Ranger District


·         Initial response at 1:55 PM


·         West Creek Wildfire Douglas County, FSR 343 2 mi. SE of Westcreek, CO.


·         Size: 0.53


·         Resources on scene


·         Grass


·         #westcreekfire

  • Controlled 10:58 AM