Monday, August 6, 2018

Fire Activity

Rainbow Fire

Updated 8/15/2018 at 9:00 pm

Time reported: 8/05/2018 5:13 pm
Size: estimated 17 acres
Location: 10 miles N of Woodland Park, CO, just off Forest road 350
Jurisdiction: USFS, Douglas County, Pikes Peak RD
Resources: Local fire crews from Woodland Park
Containment: 60%
Controlled: N/A
Structures Threatened: none
Evacuations: None
Closures: None
Cause: Lightning
Fuels: Ponderosa Pine and heavy dead logs


Fire managers continue to allow the Rainbow Fire to slowly burn the larger fuels within the perimeter. This alternative full-suppression tactic allows for safer firefighting conditions with the added benefit of restoring fire to the landscape. In response to fluctuating temperatures and humidity, some days will experience more active fire behavior than others. This is normal and expected. Size remains estimated at 17 acres and is not expected to increase. Containment is now 60% since more larger fuels have consumed. With the low interest and fire activity, we may not update this blog until something significant happens. Smoke will continue to be visible from the 350 road and intermittently from Hwy 67 for several days. 

The burned out grasses on the top of the fire secure the line and allow larger fuels to burn with less risk of escape. 8/14

Fire slowly burning a large log on 8/11.

Fire securing the steep south flank on Thursday 8/9.

Douglas County flew over the fire today (8/7) and captured this image

A firefighter carefully applies fire along the containment lines to starve the fire of burnable fuels. 8/7

The fire is burning in a heavy snag patch. 8/6

Numerous down logs and standing snags are in this fire area. 8/6

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Updated 7/23 2:37 pm
Updated 7/23 7:07 am

Fire Activity  7/22 5:45 PM

Little Brown Creek Fire

Time reported: 7/22 4:06 pm
Size: 10 acres
Location: 10 miles SW of Nathrop, CO
Jurisdiction: USFS, Chaffee County, Salida RD
Resources: Resources will remain on scene until 10:00 PM
Containment: 7/22 8:43 pm
Controlled: 7/23 2:26 pm
Structures Threatened:
Cause: Lightning
Fuels: Pinon Juniper
# LittleBrownCreekfire
Rain, lightning and thunderstorms in the area.
This map is an approximation

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Update 7/22 12:05 am
Update 7/21 7:29 pm
Fire Activity  7/21  18:49 pm

717 Fire

Time reported: 4:28 pm
Size: 0.1 acre
Location: 717 Trail, Little Creek area, 10 mi. WNW of Woodland Park, CO
Jurisdiction: USFS, Pikes Peak RD
Resources: Resources on scene
Containment:  7/21 @7:04 pm @ 0.1 acre
Controlled: 7/22 @ 11:58 am @ 0.1 acre
Structures Threatened:
Cause: Lightning
Fuels: grass, brush
This map is an approximation

Friday, July 20, 2018

Updated 7/24 3:48 pm
Updated 7/22 6:29 pm
Updated 7/22 1:57 pm
Updated 7/21 5:45 pm
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Updated 7/21 10:18 am
Updated 7/21 9:16 am

Fire Activity  7/20  5:35 PM

Rampart Fire

Time reported: 4:03 PM
Size: 13 acres after the burnout
Location: 2.5 mi  NE of Woodland Park, CO
Jurisdiction: USFS, Pikes Peak RD
Resources: Engines, Type 1 and Type 3 helicopters, Requested Single Engine Air Tankers (SEATS) enroute
Containment: 100%  7/22 1:46 pm
Controlled: 7/24 @ 3:20 pm
Structures Threatened:
Evacuations: Campers in the area.
Closures: Rampart Range Road to closed to driving and camping between junction of FS 300/FS320 and FS 300/FS318
Cause: Lightning
Fuels: grass, pine, aspen
Air Attack requested, Law Enforcement requested at Rampart Range Road at “Y”  to close FS 300/FS320 junction.

Burnout is complete at 12:12 pm. Operation had good results. Expect to see smoke for the rest of the day.

At 11:00 AM firefighters will implement a burnout operation on the north side of the fire. This will remove fuels in front of the fire to secure the perimeter. Expect to see smoke in the area for the rest of the day. 

We just had a DRONE INCURSION over the fire. "If You Fly, We Don't"  Grounding our aircraft can stop much needed suppression efforts and put firefighters on the ground in danger. There is a Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) in place over the fire area. 

Receiving some rain this afternoon 7/22, mopping up a little heat in the interior.

Local unit took responsibility for the fire at 4 pm
This map is an approximation

Thursday, July 19, 2018

 Fire Activity 9:03 am, 7/19

      Big Sandy Fire
  • Time Reported: 7/18 12:38 pm
  • Size: 0.1 acre
  • Location: Chaffee Co., Royal Gorge FO, Big Sandy Draw
  • Jurisdiction: BLM
  • Resources: 2 engines
  • Containment: 7/18 @ 1:10 pm
  • Controlled:  1:40 pm
  • Structures Threatened: N\A
  • Evacuation: N\A
  • Closures: N/A
  • Cause: Human, Motor home over the embankment-on fire
  • Fuels: Grass,
This map is an approximate location