Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Willow Fire 09/20/2017

Willow Fire Information

October 6, 2017 5:00 pm   Final Update

The Willow Fire was declared contained on Thursday, October 5th. The San Carlos Ranger District had hoped to see this fire take a more natural role in this location but significant precipitation in the area kept the fuels too wet to facilitate additional growth. 

Reported: Tuesday, September 19th at approximately 6:30p.m.
Cause: Lightning
Location: Wet Mountains - approximately 14 miles south of CaƱon City, CO. Elevation 9400 ft.
Size: one acre
Jurisdiction: US Forest Service (USFS) – San Isabel National Forest, San Carlos Ranger District
Management: USFS Incident Commander – Brandon Hansen
Resources: There are no resources on the fire.
Fuels: Mixed conifer
Closures: There are no closures at this time. Forest Road 274 may be affected should the fire spread uphill toward the road.
Current Actions: Firefighters will check the fire periodically and anticipate declaring the fire controlled during the week of October 9. 
Contacts: Gregg Goodland – Public Information Officer - 719-429-5497

Fire crews on the Willow fire sent this 9/20 photo to show the low-intensity burn.

 The smoke is visible from the top of the ridge along Forest Road 274.

Another photo of a low intensity burn.

A photo from 9/21 shows much of the large debris burning up.

Today's (9/23) photo shows more of the larger sized debris being consumed.

This is a shot of the lighting struck tree that started the fire. Note the spiral scar going from nearly top to bottom.