Thursday, October 14, 2021

Fire Activity 10/13/2021

Red Canyon Fire

Time Reported: 10/13/2021  6:35 pm

Update 10:30pm, 11/01/21 

This is the last update unless there is significate change in fire activity on the  #RedCanyonFireCoOnly a small amount of heat or smoke remains on the still at 13.2 acres. 

  • Size: 13.4 ac
  • Location: Huerfano County, San Carlos  RD, 8.3 miles NE of Gardner, CO. 
  • Jurisdiction: USFS
  • Resources:  USFS engine, Type 2 Helicopter, Type 1 Helicopter, Upper Huerfano County FPD water tanker
  • Containment: 100 % 1/4/2022 @ 4:20 pm for 13.4 ac.
  • Controlled: 
  • Structures Threatened: N\A
  • Evacuation: N\A
  • Closures: none
  • Cause: lightning
  • Fuels: Aspen
  • #RedCanyonFireCo
Update 2:30pm, 10/29: Only a small amount of heat or smoke remains on the #RedCanyonFireCo still at 13.2 acres. 

                Early AM 10/29
                                                    Early PM 10/29

Update 3:30pm, 10/27: Today an MMA mapped the #RedCanyonFireCo at 13.2 acres. Only a small amount of heat remains in the fire area.

Update 6:40pm, 10/26: A small amount of precipitation fell over the #RedCanyonFireCo today. No smoke was visible today. 

Update 11:30am, 10/26: The #RedCanyonFireCo is not producing any visible smoke at this time. Firefighters on scene have observed gusty winds in the fire area. 

Update 6:30pm, 10/25: No smoke is showing on the #RedCanyonFireCo. Fire activity remained very low throughout the day.

Update 10:00am, 10/25: Light smoke is visible in the #RedCanyonFireCo area. Firefighters are on scene to observe fire behavior and take appropriate action. 

Update 11:00am, 10/24: Small amounts of smoke produced by the #RedCanyonfireCo may be visible throughout the day. Firefighters remain on scene to monitor fire activity.

Update 4:30pm, 10/22: Today a Type 1 helicopter dropped twelve 750 gallon buckets of water on the #RedCanyonfireCo cooling the fire's perimeter to prevent further growth. Interior pockets of heat remain and may produce visible smoke as logs and other heavy forest fuels burn. 

Update 10:30am, 10/22: No smoke is visible on the #RedCanyonfireCo today. Firefighters remain on scene. 

Update 6:00pm 10/21: Today the Multi Mission Aircraft (MMA) mapped the #RedCanyonfireCo at 12.5 acres. Fire activity has remained low throughout the day. 

Update 8:00am, 10/21: Light smoke and haze can be seen in the #RedCanyonfireCo area. Today a Multi Mission Aircraft flight will map the fire perimeter and provide intelligence on current conditions. Firefighters are on scene. 

Update 3:30pm, 10/20: Fire activity on the #RedCanyonfireCo remained low throughout the day. Currently no smoke is visible. Smoke may appear occasionally in the evening hours as remaining heat consumes forest fuels.

Update 8:40am, 10/20: Light smoke and haze are visible on the lightning caused #RedCanyonfireCo located in the Greenhorn Mountain Wilderness. Firefighters on scene continue to monitor fire activity closely.

Update 5:30pm, 10/19: A Type 1 helicopter has been assigned to the #RedCanyonfireCo to assist with aerial monitoring and engage in appropriate suppression actions. A second Type 1 helicopter is available locally to support firefighters.

Update 4:30pm, 10/19: Smoke production on the #RedCanyonfireCo has dissipated significantly. Light haze is visible from Hwy 69 south of Gardner, CO. Firefighters remain in the area to monitor fire activity. 

Update 2:00pm, 10/19: The #RedCanyonfireCo has increased in size to 9.25 acres. Strong winds and dry conditions are forecast into the evening hours with winds decreasing tonight. Firefighters, assisted by aircraft, continue to monitor fire behavior. Smoke is being carried by strong winds to the town of Rye and is visible from I-25 as haze.

Update 8:15am, 10/19: Gusty winds are contributing to increased smoke production on the #RedCanyonfireCo. Firefighting resources will be on scene throughout the day to monitor fire activity and take appropriate suppression actions.

Update 6:30pm, 10/18: Today fire activity remained low on the #RedCanyonfireCo. Light haze was visible on and off throughout the afternoon. Firefighters scouted access routes to the fire through the steep and rugged terrain. 

Update  11:30am, 10/18: Very little smoke is visible on the #RedCanyonfireCo. MMA (multi mission aircraft) mapping operations show the fire holding at .8 acres. Firefighters remain in the area.

Update 7:40pm, 10/17: Bucket work preformed today on the #RedCanyonfireCo successfully reduced fire activity. Currently smoke is not visible. 

Update 3:30pm, 10/17: A Type 2 Helicopter is dropping buckets of water on the #RedCanyonfireCo in an effort to decrease fire activity. The wildfire is currently .75 acres in size.

Update 11:20am, 10/17: Firefighting resources on scene at the #RedCanyonfireCo continue to evaluate the safest course of action to engage the wildfire, located in the Greenhorn Mountain Wilderness. A slight uptick in smoke production is visible. 

Update 5:30pm, 10/16: The #RedCanyonfireCo size has been updated to .6 acres. An MMA flight this evening mapped the increase in acreage. Currently no smoke is visible.

Update 9:30am, 10/16: No smoke is showing on the #RedCanyonfireCo this morning. Firefighting resources will remain on scene throughout the day to observe fire behavior. 

Update 4:30pm, 10/15: The #RedCanyonfireCo size has been updated to .38 acres.  Acres was determined from the MMA flight mapping operations. Below is a recent photo showing no smoke and a video from the MMA Flight.

Update 11:00am, 10/15: Crews are monitoring #RedCanyonfireCo.  A state Multi Mission Aircraft (MMA) has been ordered for a 2:00 pm flight today.  Hoping to get a good mapping from the flight. Pictures from this morning are posted below.

                                                                    10/13/21 late afternoon

                                                                        10/14/21 Mid afternoon

                                                                10/15/21 Early Morning

Afternoon 10/15/21 no smoke showing


                                            Video from the MMA Flight 10/15/21

                                                       Morning 10/16/21 No Smoke Showing

                                                Afternoon 10/16/21 increased fire activity

                                                    Evening 10/16/21 no smoke showing

                                                        MMA Flight 10/16/21

                                 Morning 10/17/21 fire activity picking up earlier in the day

                                    Afternoon 10/17/21 A Type 2 Helicopter performs bucket work
                                        Late Afternoon 10/17/21 Firefighters work with the
                                         Type 2 Helicopter to conduct bucket work
                                                                      Afternoon 10/18/21 Red Canyon fire area
                                                                       Late Morning 10/19/21 Fire activity increases
                                                                        Afternoon 10/19/21 Moderate fire behavior

                                                        Late Afternoon 10/19/21 Reduced fire activity
                                                                                Morning 10/20/21 Light smoke and haze
                                                                10/20/21 Portable water tanks
                                                                Late afternoon 10/20/21 No smoke showing
                                                                            Morning 10/21/21 Light smoke and haze visible

                                                                Afternoon 10/22/21 Type 1 Helicopter

                                                                                Morning 10/24/21 No smoke visible
                                                                        Morning 10/25/2021 Light smoke visible
                                                                        Afternoon 10/27/2021 MMA Flight


Saturday, October 2, 2021

Fire Activity 9/30/2021

 Badger Gulch Fire

Time Reported: 9/30/2021  4:19 pm

  • Size:  .1 acre
  • Location: Park County, South Park  RD, 6 miles NW of Lake George, CO.  FS Rd 290.
  • Jurisdiction: USFS,
  • Resources:  USFS engine,
  • Containment: 100% 9/30/2021 @ 6:39 pm
  • Controlled: 10/01/2021 @ 9:38 am for .1 acre
  • Structures Threatened: N\A
  • Evacuation: N\A
  • Closures: none
  • Cause: human
  • Fuels: Ponderosa Pine, needle litter
  • #BaggerGulchFireCo