Monday, May 27, 2019

Fire Activity 5.27.2019

300 Fire

Update 8 pm 6/3/19: The 300 fire is now 100% contained.

Update 1:30 pm 6/2/19: Firefighters are still finding small hotspots on the fire as they continue to monitor and patrol the fire. The 300 fire is still 7 acres and 95% contained.

Update 1 pm 5/31/19: Crews continue to monitor and patrol the 300 fire. Containment has increased to 95%

Update 11:30 am 5/30/2019: The 300 fire continued to receive moisture overnight. Crews will continue monitoring and patrolling the fire. Fires containment has been increased to 75%. Fire is still 7 acres.

Update 4:30 pm. 5/29/2019: Light moisture has fallen on the fire in the form of rain and snow on and off today. Containment has increased to 50% as firefighters continue to monitor and patrol the fire lines. Some smoke in the interior of the fire will still be visible at times. Fire size is still 7 acres.

Update 10:30 am, 5/29/2019: The fire received some moisture yesterday and overnight. The fire is looking good but the smoke coming from the interior of the fire will continue to be visible as the heavier fuels such as dead logs, branches and pine needles continue to burn. Firefighters are allowing the fuels in the interior of the fire (away from the fire line) to burn off in order to make the area safer in the future. If the ground fuels are removed now, a wildfire in the area in the future will be less intensity. Firefighters will continue to monitor and patrol the fire lines today. Fire remains at 7 acres and 25% containment.

Update 5:15 pm, 5/28/2019: Crews continue to patrol the fire and work to secure fire lines. This afternoon they have been able to increase containment to 25%

Update 8:15 am, 5/28/2019: Crews report that the 300 fire is looking good this morning. Crews will continue to patrol and reinforce the fire line as well as mopping up hot spots near the fires edge. Fire status remains 10% contained and 7 acres in size. PIO will be on scene at 9:45 am for interviews and a fire line visit to discuss the cause of the fire. Ensure you are wearing appropriate footwear and bring personal protective equipment if you have it (nomex yellow shirt, nomex pants, hard hat).

Update 8:10 pm: Crews continue to mop up hot spots and strengthen the fire lines. Fire is still 7 acres and 10% contained. Crews will be on the fire overnight to monitor the fire. 

Update 6:30 pm: Crews continue to improve and strengthen the fire lines. Fire is holding at 7 acres and 10% contained. Rampart Range is now open. Please use caution in the area as firefighters and equipment are still on the roads

Update 5:45 pm: Crews have a small fire line constructed around the 300. Crews and engines will continue to reinforce that fire line to gain further containment. Crews have mapped the fire and it is currently 7 acres.

Update 5:20 pm: Operations normal, crews making good progress building fire line. 

Update 4:35 pm: Rampart Range Road will be closed in the area of the fire for a short time as firefighters work along the road.

Update 4:25 pm: Crews continuing to build fire line with firefighters being supported by engines. Fire is moderately active

  • Time Reported: 5/27/2019 2:00 pm
  • Size: 7 acres
  • Location: Rampart Range Rd, Approximately 2 miles NE of Woodland Park
  • Jurisdiction: USFS
  • Resources: Engines and hand crews from USFS 
  • Containment: 100 %
  • Controlled: 
  • Structures Threatened: No
  • Evacuation: N/A
  • Closures: None
  • Cause: Human Caused, Campfire
  • Fuels:  Grass and Ponderosa Pine

Photo Taken at 12:00 May 29th

Photo Taken at 12:00 May 29th

Photo Taken 5/27/19 at 6 PM
Crews continue to reinforce the fire line. 

Photo taken 5/27/2019 5 pm 

Photo Taken 5/27/2019 2:30 pm