Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Fire Activity 

Horse Ranch Fire
·                     Time Reported: 9:23 pm, 4/28/2020
·                     Size: 4acres
·                     Location: On the San Carlos RD in Huerfano County 11 miles North East of Gardner, CO,  5 miles  west of Rye CO.
·                     Jurisdiction: US Forest Service
·                     Resources:  2 type 6 engine, 5-person hand crew, water tender, large airtanker, 2 dozers
·                     Containment: 50%
·                     Structures Threatened: None
·                     Evacuations: None
·                     Closures: None
·                     Cause: Human, under investigation
·                     Hazards: Snags
·                     Fuels: Grass, Aspen with under-story
·                     #Horeseranchfire

Update: 5:30 pm  date 5/08
The #Horseranchfire was called controlled at 2:30 pm, 5/08/2020. Size 43 acres.

Update: 6:30 pm  date 5/02
The #Horseranchfire fireline is holding, firefighters continue mopping up the hotshots.  All resources will leave the incident tonight going back to there duty stations.  One engine and a squad will be back on the fire tomorrow.

Update: 5:30 pm  date 5/03
The #Horseranchfire was called 100% contained at 6:10 pm, 5/02/2020.  Firefighters will again camp on site and will continue suppression efforts in the morning.

Update: 1:30 pm  date 5/02
Crews are continuing to improve fireline mopping up hot spots working toward full containment on the #Horseranchfire.  One dozer are released from the incident yesterday and the second will be released at the end of today's shift

Update: 5:30 pm  date 5/01
The Horse Ranch Fire is 90% contained.  Crews will continue to improve fireline mop up hot spots to gain full containment. Firefighters will again camp on site and will continue suppression efforts in the morning.

Update: 9:30 am  date 5/01
Firefighters strengthen the fireline yesterday evening by eliminating heavy fuels near the exterior by burning out to consume as much fuel next to the line as possible.  Operation plan today is to continue strengthening the fireline working toward containment. Added a photo showing yesterdays burn operations.

Update: 7:30 pm  date 4/30
The #Horseranchfire Incident Commander has called the fire 50% contained today at 3:45 pm. Firefighters will again camp on site and will continue suppression efforts in the morning.  Added two more photos.

Update: 2:30 pm  date 4/30
A total of 17 firefighters are utilizing two dozers to construct fireline around the 43 acre Horse Ranch Fire.   Increase in acres was due to fire spread last night and early morning fire activity. Incident Commander will update the containment percent at the end of shift.

Update: 9:30 am  date 4/30
After camping on the fire last night the firefighters are now working to contain the fire.  A BLM engine from Canon City is on scene along with a U.S. Forest Service engine and 5 person squad. Fire was determined to be human caused, still investigating.   The large airtanker drop four loads of retardant yesterday. Photos of retardant drops flanking the fire are below with other photos from the fire.

Update: 6:00 pm 4/29
Update from the Incident Commander is that suppression of the fire is progressing with all the resources in place – dozer, tender, and Airtanker have arrived.  Firefighters will coyote (camp on site) on fire tonight – they have enough supplies to last at least two days after today.

Update: 4:15 pm 4/29
A large airtanker (LAT) was ordered and is dropping retardant on the fire.  Fire is now at 13 acres, firefighters will be on the incident until 10:00 pm and will staff the fire tomorrow at 7:00 am.  A Temporary Flight Restriction TFR has been requested for the air space above the fire..

Update: 3:00 pm 4/29
Fire is experiencing isolated torching and the size has been adjusted to 11 acres. Water tender has been ordered.

Fire was reported late Tuesday evening, firefighters responded and are on scene.  Smoke from fire is visible from the Gardner, CO. area.

Map Location:

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Fire Activity 4.25.2020

560 Fire

  • Time Reported: 12:30, 4/25/20
  • Size: 83 acres (change is due to better mapping)
  • Location: Off of the 560 road, Approximately 3 miles NW of Cheesman Reservoir
  • Jurisdiction: US Forest Service
  • Resources:  1 engine, 1 small fire crew. Total of 10 firefighters
  • Containment: 100%
  • Structures Threatened: None
  • Evacuations: None
  • Closures: None
  • Cause: Unknown, under investigation
  • Hazards: Steep rugged terrain and dead standing and downed trees
  • Fuels: Grass, standing dead and downed dead
  • #560Fire
Update 4/28/20, 10:30am
The 560 fire is now 100% contained. Crews will remain on scene monitoring the fire. This will be the last update for the 560 fire unless there is significant activity.

Update 4/27/20, 3:45pm
Operations are normal on the 560 fire this afternoon. Firefighters were able to map the entire fire today and that mapping increased the acreage to 83 acres. The 560 fire has not grown but some hot spots still remain in the interior of the fire as dead trees from the old Hayman burn scar continue to burn.  
Update 4/27/20, 10am
The 560 fire is looking good this morning. Firefighters report that there is still light smoke coming from the interior of the fire as the dead trees from the old Hayman burn scar continue to burn. Fire remains at 80% contained and firefighters will continue to monitor the fire and strengthen containment lines.

Update 4/26/20 2:15pm
Crews continue to make progress on the 560 fire increasing containment to 80%. All operations normal and firefighter continue to mop-up hotspots and strengthen firelines.

Update 4/26/20, 11:40am
Firefighters are making good progress on the 560 fire and the fire is now 60% contained. An additional small fire crew is now on scene assisting with control efforts. Smoke is still visible from the fire area as the large dead standing and downed trees continue to burn in the interior area of the fire. Rd 560 remains closed in the area of the fire and we are asking the public to stay away from this area. Traffic is beginning to back up at the road block and its becoming a hazard. 
Update 04/26/20, 8:45am
The 560 fire's acreage change from 55to 68 is due to better mapping of the fire. The fire did not grow overnight and remains at 68 acres. Crews will continue to build and strengthen firelines today and a bulldozer will build fireline where it is safe and accessible around the fire. Smoke will be visible from the fire today as the dead standing and downed trees continue to burn. 

Update 4/25/20, 5pm
The 560 fire started approximately 12:30 this afternoon and is burning off of the 560 Rd. The fire is burning in the old Hayman burn scar through heavy standing dead and downed trees. These trees not only create a tripping hazard for firefighters but they also put firefighters at risk from falling trees. The fire is burning in very steep and rugged terrain. Engines and overhead are on scene from US Forest Service and North Fork Fire Department. Smoke from this fire can be seen from the surrounding counties.

Videos of the 560 fire taken at 4pm, 4/25/2020. Video changes from regular color to infrared.
Video provided by Colorado Department of Fire Prevention and Control (DFPC) taken by their Multi-mission aircraft (MMA).

Map of incident location