Thursday, July 5, 2018

Fire Activity - 7/5/2018 - 3:30pm

Update: 3:30 pm, July 15th
Fire called controlled and out at 11:02 am for 1/10 acre

Update: 9:30 am, July 8th
There has been no sign of smoke from the fire that is located in steep rocky terrain.  Firefighters will keep monitoring the area.

Sheep Mountain Fire

3:00 PM, July 5th

  • Time Reported: 1:58 PM on 7/5
  • Size: 0.1 Acres
  • Location: Fremont County, Salida Ranger District, 7 miles west of Hillside and 4 miles south of Coaldale, CO
  • Jurisdiction: USFS
  • Resources:  1 engine crew
  • Containment:  100 %
  • Controlled: 11:02 am 7/15/18 
  • Structures Threatened
  • Evacuation: 
  • Closures: 
  • Cause: Lightning
  • Fuels: Timber/brush/grass within the perimeter of the 2016 Hayden Pass Burn
  • Remarks: The fire area is currently receiving moderate to heavy rainfall.  The rainfall has caused the fire to lay-down for now, but fire personnel will continue to monitor this location for any resurgence in fire activity.
This map shows an approximate location of the Sheep Mountain Fire.