Thursday, July 9, 2020

Fire Activity 7.9.2020

East Plum Fire

Time Reported: 7/09/20 at 2:22 pm
  • Size: 0.3 acres
  • Location: Douglas County, Pikes Peak Ranger District, 7 miles south west of Larkspur, CO.
  • Jurisdiction: USFS, CO.
  • Resources: 6 firefighters on scene
  • Containment: 100%
  • Controlled: 07/11/20 at 5:33 pm
  • Structures Threatened: N\A
  • Evacuation: N\A
  • Closures: none
  • Cause: unknown
  • Concerns:  Very rugged and inaccessible terrain.
  • Fuels: Ponderosa Pine and mixed conifer
  • #EastPlumFire
Update 7/10/2020, 5 pm: Another day of good progress from fire crews on the East Plum fire brings the containment to 100%. Crews will remain on scene of the fire this afternoon and will begin their hike out this early this evening. 

Update 7/10/2020, 8:30 pm: Crews continued to make good progress through the afternoon and were able to gain 50% containment on the fire. The hotshot crew hiked out of the fire this evening and 6 firefighters will remain on the fire overnight. The fire did not grow and size remains 0.3 acres. 

Update 7/10/2020, 4:30 pm: Crews continue to make progress on the East Plum fire building and reinforcing the retardant and firelines. Heavy fuels in the area are making for slow progress however progress is being made. The fire has not grown in size today and remains 0.3 acres.

Update 7/10/2020, 8:30 am: There was no growth in the fire overnight and the size remains 0.3 acres. A heavy helicopter is currently working the East Plum fire to help the firefighters that remained on the fire overnight. One hotshot crew is now assigned to the fire and will begin hiking in this morning. They should reach the fire mid morning and will be building and improving fireline around the fire. As the weather gets hotter and dryer throughout the day, expect to see smoke in the area of the fire. 

Update 7/9/2020, 11 pm: Crews continue to work the fire and improve the retardant line that was put down by the heavy air tanker today. One helicopter is expected to be over the fire in the morning to assist ground crews with their operations. The size of the fire has decreased to 0.3 acres due to improved mapping by firefighters on scene. 

Update 7/9/2020 @ 6:45 pm, (corrected update at 7:50pm): Six firefighters that rappelled into the fire today remain on scene. Some ground crews that attempted the long hike into the fire today were not able to reach the fire before sunset. These crews are returning to their stations and will return in the morning to make the hike in. Today, crews utilized a heavy air tanker to put fire retardant around the fire to help slow the progression and allow firefighters to gain access to the fire via helicopter. Late this afternoon, air resources were grounded due to a drone intrusion over the fire. Valuable time was lost with these water dropping aircraft due to the drone intrusion and because of the time of day, only one helicopter is able to return to this fire this evening (This is corrected information from earlier reported that all aircraft had been released). The 6 firefighters on scene will continue to work through the night. There is no immediate risk to structures however smoke will likely be visible from this fire along the front range tomorrow.

Map of location:

Helicopter dropping water on the East Plum Fire on 7/9/2020