Thursday, June 10, 2021

Fire Activity 6/10/2021

  Platte River Fire

Time Reported: 6/10/2121 at 2:57 pm,

  • Size:  37 acres
  • Location: Jefferson County, 4.25 mi NE of Buffalo Creek, CO.  2 mi E of Foxton, Co. , in Ramona Gulch
  • Jurisdiction: Fire started on private then burned onto USFS
  • Resources:  Fire Engine, Fire Use Module, Division Supervisor, Swift Water Rescue Team, Rapid Expansion Module, Helicopter
  • Containment:   100%   6/25/2021 @ 3:00 pm for 37 ac.
  • Controlled: 6/25/2021 @ 3:00 pm for 37 ac.
  • Structures Threatened: N\A
  • Evacuation: Evacuations are still in place but the evacuation center has closed.
  • Closures: County Road 97 south of the junction with County Road 96 (Foxton Road)
  • Cause: Unknown.  Being investigated.
  • Fuels: Grass, Brush, Timber
  • #PlatteRiverFire

Update 6/16/2021 @ 2:00 pm: 

The Platte River Rd is open to all the public between Foxton Rd & the Douglas County line.  Please be aware of fire traffic in the area, drive defensibly.  There is very little smoke visible on the #PlatteRiverfire.  

Update 6/15/2021 @ 8:15 am: 

The 10-member White River Fire Use Module and a few overhead will remain to continue improving fire lines and patrol the #PlatteRiverfire.  This is the last update unless there are significant changes to the fire or plans for the fire.

Update 6/14/2021 @ 5:15 pm: 

The fire will transition back to the forest under a Type 4 command tomorrow morning at 0600. The 10-member White River Fire Use Module will remain to continue improving fire lines and patrol the fire. A helicopter will be available as needed.

Update 6/14/2021 @ 9:15 am: 

Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department lifted evacuations and pre-evacuations on the Platte River Fire at 7:00 p.m. yesterday evening. Evacuated residents may return to their homes. The Platte River Rd will remain closed except to local residents between Foxton Rd & the Douglas County line until further notice. Brush, limbs and other debris will be chipped and removed from the fire area. Crews will continue to improve lines and patrol the fire.

The probability for further growth is extremely low. Firefighters will continue to work in this very steep difficult terrain for full containment.

Remaining on the fire line are approximately 34 personnel with appropriate support staff.  Fire line personnel include:

CODFPC Fire Engine

USFS Fire Use Module

West Metro Swift Water Rescue Team

West Metro Rapid Expansion Module

Elk Creek Fire Module

CODFPC Type 2 Helicopter and Helitack

Update 6/13/2021 @ 2:30 pm: 

Spot fires on the north side of the river were lined, mopped up and are cold. The fire south of the river is 50% contained using natural barriers and handline.

Firefighters will continue to patrol the fire area and utilize IR to monitor any heat within the fire perimeter.

Intermountain Rural Electric Association is replacing damaged poles and restringing lines to restore power today. The evacuation order can not be lifted until power is fully restored. ETA for lifting the evacuation order is early tomorrow.

The area closure will remain in effect and access allowed to residents only, closed to the public until further notice. JeffCo sheriff department will manage the access points.

Estimated date for the fire to transition back to the Forest and Type 4 command is Tuesday, June 15.

Resources for 6/13/21

White River Wildland Fire Module,  1 Type 3 engine,  West Metro Swift Water Module

West Metro REMS,  1  EMS ambulance, CO-DFPC Type 2 helicopter,  Canon City Helitack

Update 6/13/2021 @ 9:00 am:  

Yesterday crews continued to improve fire lines surrounding the Platte River Fire and used a helicopter to drop water which cooled hotspots.  Today's numbers reflect this hard work, with containment at 50 percent.  Most of this containment is in the areas north of County Road 97 and along the southern edge of the main fire, south of CR97.

Today crews will continue improving fire lines to secure the fire’s edge and halt fire growth. Emphasis is placed on patrolling, monitoring and holding the control efforts of the previous two days.

With lines in place and containment increasing the team will begin releasing crews who will return to their home units and prepare for their next assignment.

Remaining on the fire line are approximately 34 personnel with appropriate support staff.  Fire line personnel include: Fire Engine, Fire Use Module, Division Supervisor, Swift Water Rescue Team, Rapid Expansion Module, Helicopter

Due to the extremely rugged terrain and the safety risks to fire fighters complete suppression of the fire will not be attained for several weeks. During this period crews will continue to improve lines, if necessary, and they will persistently patrol and monitor the fire. If additional resources are needed in the future, fire crews will be brought in immediately bolstering suppression efforts.

Summary:  37 acres, 50% Containment, 50 total personnel

Update 6/12/2021 @12:00 pm:  

Important - There will be increased traffic over the weekend along the Platte River corridor and near Buffalo Creek in addition to fire related vehicles. Please use caution and drive safely.

Update 6/12/2021 @ 9:00 am:

Today crews on the north side of the fire will be engaged in mop up around the structures.  On the south side of the fire, also referred to as the main fire, the Tatanka Hotshots will cross the South Platte River on a raft with the help of the West Metro Swift Water Rescue Team. The fire is held along the perimeter due to scattered fuels and decomposed granite. There are cool edges with isolated pockets of interior heat. Much of the work that remains is on the east side of the fire.  

There are many safety concerns in this area: steep country, falling rocks, hazard trees, slippery loose granite, and a swift river crossing that crews must be transported across.   

This is a full suppression fire operation, and all risks are taken into consideration. We are using aerial support to assist ground crews where it is necessary.  

Today weather is expected to be sunny with a high of 85 degrees. Winds 4-12 from the Southwest until 10am, then variable at 5mph until 12pm, shifting east 6-10mph with gusts around 21. Relative Humidity is 16%.  

Update 6/11/2021 @ 7:00 pm:  

Good progress was made today on line work on the north perimeter of the fire. This work will continue tomorrow.  Firefighters will scout east and west aspect for line construction opportunities.  The fire is burning in steep and rocky terrain.  

Update 6/11/2021 @ 11:00 am:

There was an intrusion by a fixed wing aircraft in the air space above the #PlatteRiverFire last night about 8:00 pm.  All aircraft should see and avoid wildland fire smoke.  This also goes for drones.  When the airspace over a wildland fire is compromised by either aircraft or drone firefighting by air must be shut down safety reasons.

Update 6/11/2021 @8:00 am:

There currently are 70 firefighters on scene this morning.  Due to the steep terrain and bug kill on the south side of the South Platte River they are evaluating the risks to firefighter safety and will develop a plan accordingly.  Air resources will be active throughout the day.  There currently remains no containment.

Update 6/10/2021 @ 8:15 pm:

Firefighters will be staffing the fire all night. Air resources are off the fire for the night and will reengage in the morning. #PlatteRiverFire started on Private land then burned onto the U. S. Forest Land.  Jefferson County and US Forest Service resources are working together to suppress the fire. 

Update 6/10/2021 @ 6:20

Fire is now at 31 acres. Jefferson County ordered some evacuations. Evacuation center is at the  Conifer High School. Large animals can be taken to the Jefferson County Fairgrounds.  Type 1 Helicopter and two handcrews ordered. 

Update 6/10/2021 @ 5:30pm

Two Handcrews and multiple overhead  have been ordered for the #PlatteRiverFire. Fire size is now 20 acres.