Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Fire Activity 07.27.16

Hayden Pass Fire (1 pm)
Smoke is visible from the Hayden Pass Fire this afternoon.  Information Officers on the fire say the activity is well within the burn area.  For updates on the Hayden Pass Fire visit


Hayden Pass Fire

Hayden Pass Fire

As of 11:45 there have been no confirmed fire reports.

Here is an update on previously reported incidents:

Scraggy Peak
  • Previously reported on 07.25.16 as 1.25 acres,  Due to better mapping, final fire size was reported at 0.25 acres.
  • Firefighters have hiked into the area today to check the fire and will mop up as necessary.
  • #ScraggyPeakFire
  • Controlled at 6:30 pm on 07.27.16